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Exercise the Abdominals After Childbirth

How to Exercise The Abdominal Post Pregnancy The Abdominals are the main focus of a new mother, as far as her body is concerned anyway.
There are many articles and programs in books on DVDs and in Drs waiting rooms for a new mother to read.
Many are good some are great and many are lies.
It takes pure hard work to regain your figure after giving birth to a baby.
There is a group of exercises you can do to regain that flat tummy.
Start with coordinated breathing.
Do a test on Abdominal separation and start safely.
Your Starting Point As soon as possible after delivery, if you are keen enough, start on the Pure Pilates coordinating breathing technique.
This will be the starting point for all of your future exercises.
Pure Pilates the Beginning o Lay on your side with knees bent up and a pillow under your head.
o concentrate on your breathing pattern.
o As you blow out draw your stomach in below the belly button.
o Let it it out as you breathe in o This is the opposite pattern to which you are used to.
o Practice co-coordinating your breath out with a tummy in, action, in any position soon Start this simple exercise and you are on your way to the next post partum exercises.
There is an important point to note here first Many mothers have a abdominal separation Test your Tummy Now This should be done by a Physiotherapist, but you can get an idea doing it yourself.
A test for abdominal separation after pregnancy.
o Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
o Place your hands flat on your abdomen with your fingers pointed towards your each other o Just at and below your belly button dig your finger in deep to your belly.
o Lift your head and shoulders off the floor and feel the abdominal muscle tighten o If you feel a gap or bulge in your abdomen, you may have an abdominal separation after pregnancy.
o Do this test 2-3 times and make sure you can feel the 2 ridges of the long rectus muscle.
o The muscle separation pregnancy test is very valid and it may be gap up to 10cm wide If you have a separation then the coordinating pure Pilates exercise should be progressed slowly For more information follow the link below read as much as you can on this topic

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