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How to Unlock a 3rd Generation iPod Touch

    • 1). Install and download the Blackra1n application (see resources).

    • 2). Open your iTunes application and check which iTunes version you are running. If you are not running 9.0.1, update your version before shutting down your computer.

    • 3). Reboot your computer and connect your 3rd generation iPod Touch with the USB connector cable.

    • 4). Launch the Blackra1n application once the device has been properly connected. Click on the "Make it ra1n" button to begin the jailbreak procedure. You must perform the jailbreak before your iPod Touch can be unlocked.

    • 5). Wait for the jailbreak to finish. Your device should go into recovery mode and finally reboot itself after several minutes. If you were not able to access the springboard before the jailbreak, you should be able to at this time.

    • 6). Find the Blackra1n icon on your springboard and click on it with your finger.

    • 7). Choose the Cydia, Icy or Rock installer apps and click "download" on the top-right corner of the screen. Wait for the download to complete and your installer app show up on the springboard.

    • 8). Exit out of Blackra1n and click on your installer app. Your iPod Touch is now unlocked for you to download applications for free.

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