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Dealing With Divorce Issues For Gay And Lesbian Families

While gay and lesbian marriages have seen greater social acceptance over the years, one of the side effects of its slow cultural adoption is a dearth of legal recourses available to LGBT couples seeking divorce. In light of this, it isn't surprising that many lesbian or gay couples have sought out mediation for divorce procedures, since mediation centers can offer a more cost-conscious, effective, and private solution to marital dissolution.

But beyond these common benefits, what exactly does mediation for divorce offer to separating parties and LGBT families in particular? Divorce mediators can guide partners through many or all of the same issues dealt between a man and a woman in a "traditional" marriage.. This includes:

Evaluation and division of property - Your assets, including everything from houses to cars, should be accounted and divided up fairy in a way that both parties can agree on.

Child rearing and financial support - If children are involved, parenting styles and establishing who supports whom can be a major issue to be dealt with.

Taxes and alimony settlements - Should one spouse or the other be held more responsible for financial settlements, both during or after the divorce?

When a LGBT family begins the mediation and divorce process, they can rest assured that they will be receiving fair and equitable attention on their behalf. To see that all parties have their unique needs and desires taken into account, the mediators sole purpose is to facilitate the separation in an unprejudice manner.

A skilled and experienced mediator will also see to issues such as:

Debt resolution - Does someone in the relationship bring a level of debt to the table and you want to avoid responsibility for paying it?

Retirement benefits and eligibility - Are you able to be supported by your spouse's benefits after a divorce, or are they able to require such support from you?

State residency requirements - How does your state handle divorce legalities, and what is required to prove you're a resident and must abide by such laws?

Unlike expensive and long court procedures, mediation for divorce is able to accomplish everything much more quickly and less expensive manner. Plus, the mediator remains a neutral party in all situations, helping to facilitate a much more amicable or civil split than might be experienced through court litigation.

Are you part of a gay or lesbian family that needs mediation? Mediation centers are here to help, providing expert mediators for your every need.

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