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How to Choose Food That Lowers Your Blood Sugar

    • 1). First, the french bean or kidney bean as it is more commonly known is a great food for lowering sugar. They are high in fiber and proteins with a reasonable amount of complex carbohydrates. They are very highly recommended by dietitians for maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

    • 2). Second, lettuce is lower in cholesterol content and it helps prevent diabetics from cardiovascular diseases. Lettuce is low in carbohydrates and at the same time it contains only 3% carbohydrates. This combination makes lettuce an ideal food in lowering blood sugar.

    • 3). Third, the juice of the Brussels sprout along with juice of the french bean mixed together are considered an excellent natural remedy in the treatment of diabetes. They say it works by stimulating the production of insulin thus lowering the blood sugar levels.

    • 4). Fourth, tomatoes, are another great food that can be eaten by diabetics who want to lose weight to control blood sugar. They are low in carbohydrates, but also help to control the glucose levels in the urine.

    • 5). Lastly, onions whether cooked or raw are an excellent food in the control of blood sugar levels. It has been discovered that onion contain an antidiabetic compound. This compound is very similar to the compounds{propyl,allyl,allicin,and disulphide} that are used today for the synthesis of insulin.

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