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Asterlook, the Asterisk CTI Client for Outlook

October 2013: launch of Asterlook, software that reinvents the concept of telephone communications!
Asterlook is conceived for businessmen concerned with time management, reactivity and versatility in a world where interactions never cease to accelerate. Asterlook manages incoming and outgoing calls with swiftness, efficiency and simplicity directly in Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Start-up challenge:
Convinced that the software will perfectly meet customer needs, Asterlook founders Paul Kern and Jean-Marc Pillement took up the challenge of developing Asterlook in 2012. A year later, the software is launched in France and in the United States. End of 2013, Asterlook will be introduced onto German and Spanish markets. The software is destined to break through, for it does not have equivalents on the national and international level.

Asterlook strengths - innovation, ergonomics, versatility:
-Manages instant calls straightly from Outlook with Asterisk PBX base regardless of the manufacturer's brand,
-Facilitates work with your phone and collaborative work,
-Works directly between Asterisk and Outlook regardless of your telephone equipment,
-Notifies in real-time of incoming calls on your PC via a popup displaying the contact name from your Outlook database,
-Renders possible direct dialing from Outlook,
-Gives the possibility to choose between answering, messaging and transfer during an incoming call directly on the screen,
-Updates in real-time your Outlook contacts,
-Gives the possibility to manage the phone line of another person,
-Interacts with the Outlook calendar according to its setting (free or busy).

According to Paul Kern, the computer-telephone coupling in small and medium enterprises was suffering from lack of a simple application for customers, allowing them to manage their incoming and outgoing calls in a user-friendly manner, directly with their contact management software (almost like mobile phones). We developed Asterlook to work with the market standard, Microsoft Outlook, while combining contact and calling functionalities with those of the calendar.

Dedicated website:
The e-commerce site is intended primarily for VOIP-TOIP, IT and telecoms professionals. To install and set up the software, advanced computer literacy and knowledge of telecommunications are essential. That is why Asterlook aims at creating an international network of resellers and provides them with all the means necessary for success!

Support and updates:
The current version Asterlook 2013 is developed for Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. Support and updates for Asterlook 2013 are free and available as long as the corresponding Outlook versions are supported by Microsoft.

Asterlook is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Other language versions will be available in future.

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