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AT&T U-verse Wireless Is Not Detected on My Laptop


    • Check that your router is connected to the Internet by confirming that the proper lights are on, next to options such as "power" and "online." If the router appears to be connected, connect your laptop or other computer to it via an Ethernet cable to confirm that you can actively browse the Internet on its connection. If the router is not connected properly, and there is no significant issue, unplugging the device and plugging it in again may solve the problem.

    Other Devices

    • Attempt to connect other Wi-Fi devices to the network, if you have any available. Confirming that another device, such as a different computer or smartphone, can detect and connect to the network, will help you narrow down the problem to your laptop. If another device also cannot detect the network, then the problem likely lies with the connection itself.


    • If other devices can connect to the AT&T U-Verse wireless connection, check your laptop and view its available wireless connections to see if other networks are detected by the device and ensure that Wi-Fi has been enabled. If Wi-Fi is enabled the laptop should pick up the signal in the same manner as a connection provided by any other service provider, as long as you are within a reasonable range of the signal. Wi-Fi will work at a range of about 150 feet indoors, although the range will vary depending on the kinds of interior walls the signal has to pass through.


    • Contact AT&T's customer service if you have exhausted all of the common methods of troubleshooting the connection. Determine if there is an outage in your area, a problem with your router or an unforeseen issue with your laptop that you did not consider. A representative should be able to talk you through the basic troubleshooting processes, to make a determination and get your laptop connected once again.

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