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He Came, He Charmed and He Conquered - Pranab Da at His Best!

I felt so excited to receive my idol, former Union Finance Minister of India and UPA Presidential candidate, Hon'ble Pranab Mukherjee, at the airport today.
I was in awe of his presence and could not control the goose-bumps I had! If someone wants to know what a personality can do to a man's stature, you meet Pranabda.
A man who has the wealth of impeccable political and administrative history; can it be possible to be so humble? The way he smiles, shakes hands, greets people...
It leaves an unforgettable mark in their lives.
It is a unique purifying experience to witness a person who rose from the grass-root to a position unimaginable.
I felt like a child talking about him over the podium, talking about his nature, love for Gujarat and the sense of commitment he has.
Some days back I had put on this blog the facts and figures advocating why Pranabda is the best possible candidate for being the 13th President of the Republic of India.
While writing this blog I was trying to be careful about not repeat the previous stuff, but I think I have failed! His record is so mesmerizing that without its reference Pranabda's resume cannot be called 'complete'.
The 5 feet 1 inch tall man, who can read three books simultaneously, who works at an average of 18 hours a day but never takes a break (except Durga Puja) and who has been voted the Best finance Minister, in the past, is still very active and has great level of energy.
Some excerpts of my previous article about Pranadba are as follows: The President, being the first citizen of a country, holds the most important office and it is very much necessary to have a potent Indian sitting on that chair.
As the formal head of legislature, judiciary and executive branches of Indian democracy, it is no way an easy job to be on.
It would be ridiculous to enlist the achievements and formal resume of Pranab Da here, but I would certainly like to throw some light on factors that make him the ideal candidate to be the President of India.
1- Pranab Da has been an exceptional student, an eminent lawyer as well as a dedicated teacher in this career.
He was also a noted journalist who was looked-upon as a responsible writer.
A President who is a bank of knowledge will definitely lead the country to new heights.
2- His parliamentary record spans over four decades! He was elected as a Member of Rajya Sabha from Congress Party in 1969; re-elected in 1975, 1981, 1993 as well as 1999.
In 1997 he was voted "Outstanding Parliamentarian".
He also served as President of West Bengal state unit of Congress from 1985 to 2010, when he resigned because of work-load.
A President of the country who is loved by people and well-known is always a good idea.
3- During his political career he has held many important parliamentary and cabinet posts.
He has been given the responsibilities of various Ministries and departments including Industrial Development, External Affairs, Planning Commission, Defense, Finance, Revenue, Shipping, Transport, Communication, Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry and so on.
Where can we find such a prominent personality, who has been successfully able to lead so many departments, in this democracy? 4- In 1984, Euromoney magazine rated him as the "Best Finance Minister in the World".
In 2010, he was awarded "Finance Minister of the Year for Asia" by Emerging Markets, the daily newspaper of record for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
In December same year, The Banker pointed him as "Finance Minister of the Year" because of his work during the economically turbulent year which helped India stabilize itself.
These achievements and honours do not measure the capability of Pranab Da as an efficient administrator.
5- It is because of his hard work that India has been able to refrain itself from getting harmed in an extreme manner by the international economic crisis and market ups and downs.
It is because of the ingenious policies crafted by Pranab Da and Dr.
Manmohan Singh that this nation was able to miss the 'iceberg'.
Such a President would be very much capable of guiding India during any emergencies that come up.
6- Received Padma Vibhushan in 2008 and "Best Administrator in India" award (by K.
Karunakaran Foundation) in 2011 apart from various other honours.
Do I have to say anything more? We could go on and on and still never end.
But the fact can be summoned up in just one line: We may not find a better President for the Indian Republic.
I had the pleasure of meeting him on numerous occasions.
One of his positive characteristics was that he was very receptive and attentive towards the problems of Gujarat.
Whether it was the issue regarding fishermen of Gujarat or the issues regarding cotton exports, he always found time for it and took decisions within a very short duration of time.
Due to his immediate response many problems of Gujarat were solved within days of its inception.
His oratory skill was also very much appreciated, not only by the fellow partymen but even by the opposition parties in the parliament.
His speech was always a thing to look forward to.
I am sure India will miss his best Finance Minister till date.
I am sure the UPA government will miss its master administrator.
I am sure India will miss his active participation in its glorious political history.
I again congratulate Pranab Da for this achievement and wish him all the very best for future endeavours.
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