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Be a responsible citizen know what is happening all over the country , keep an eye on the latest India news.whether you want to know what is latest in Indian sports arena or in central government the India news portal are the best way to get the latest information,. Newspaper and news channels are the best way to find the authentic news now with the growing trend of digital media you can find mews paper and channels on your PC, mobile phone as well. Here you can easily check the news without missing important tits bits. For latest news India read online news and stay updated. India is the vast country and it is always in the news , these channels and online source can help you with filtering the news and reading the significant news that you actually wants to read.
The political arena is buzzing with hot updates. The power handover in BJP and the arrest of Chautala the former CM of Punjab has stirred a wave of shock.

Om breaks Chautala, the former CM of Haryan and his son Abhay Chautala were found guilty of bribery charges. The father and son along with Senior IAS are punished for accepting bribes in junior basic trained teachers recruitment scam. The step of the supreme court deserves applause, the verdict shows that law and order abides all and if anyone try to cross their limit they will get be treated as accused despite of their post or designation.There is another big news from the political arena, after a long controversy and blame game finally Gadkari resigned from the post of BJP national president and the post is now under Rajnath Singh. Recently Gadkari was found involved in Purti Scam and he was facing many charges against his company, Purti.many senior BJP leaders were against gadkaris presidency as it was brining bad reputation for the party. Now the presidency is under Rajnath, one of the most popular and trusted leaders of BJP.

Now can read political news, entertainment news, sports news or technology India news anytime. Log on to online news portal and get your daily dose of latest news india and information. Whether you are apparent of competitive exams or a responsible citized who wish to keep the update of latest news the newspaper is the best resource to get the news and with the digitization of news it is possible to read news online.

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