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eBay Affiliate Marketing - How to Maximize Your Commissions Using eBay!

There is no doubt that website traffic is the most important ingredient to success in affiliate marketing.
Without traffic you cannot make any sales period.
So it makes sense that any intelligent marketer would need to increase there amount of traffic drastically in order to increase sales.
However, the equation does not stop there.
In addition you need quality targeted traffic coming to your website or affiliate link.
There is one solution to both of these problems and it is quite simple.
I refer to it as eBay affiliate marketing.
If you are using eBay to market then you immediately get rid of the two most common problems facing affiliate marketers.
These problems are lack of traffic, and low conversion rates.
The average conversion rates are in the 1% or 2% range.
This means that you have to drive a lot of traffic just to make a few bucks.
However with affiliate marketing using eBay, conversion rates are much higher, usually averaging around 7%.
This means that you can potentially make 7 times the amount of sales with the same traffic! You must advertise your affiliate products on the classified ad format.
eBay will not allow you to advertise programs with a regular auction, however it is perfectly within the guidelines to promote affiliate products with classified ads.
Each ad will be viewed around 200 times, which could easily generate 8 or 10 sales.
This would be a substantial profit per classified ad, because the ads run for 30 days for only $9.
Just imagine how many sales you could make if you had 10, 20, or dare I say 100 classified ads running at the same time! The income potential is unlimited, and you can achieve these types of commissions promoting products on eBay!

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