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How to Transfer TiVo to an iPod

    Transfer TiVo Recording to an iPod

    • 1). Set your TiVo device to record the show that you would like to watch on your iPod or select a show that already has been recorded.

    • 2). Make sure that your TiVo is connected to your router. This can be done by ensuring that your network is recognizing the TiVo device through the settings menu on the TiVo.

    • 3). Download the TiVo Desktop plus software for your computer. This software costs $24.95, as of September 2010. The software will convert the TiVo digital video files to the mpeg4 format that is able to be accessed and viewed via iTunes and loaded onto your iPod.

    • 4). Open the TiVo Desktop Plus software. Enter the unique TiVo device number into the TiVo Desktop Plus software, enabling your computer to talk to the TiVo devices connected to your home network.

    • 5). Select the file you would like to download from the TiVo device and load it onto your computer.

    • 6). Enter the conversion tool on TiVo Desktop Plus.

    • 7). Select the option that converts the file to be viewed on an iPod. This option is clearly noted under the actions menu. You will be converting the .TiVo file, which can be played on the Windows Media Player, to a compressed .mpeg4 file, which can be imported into iTunes and then loaded onto an iPod for viewing.

    • 8). Open iTunes on your computer and import the file you converted as an .mpeg4 file.

    • 9). Drag the converted file from your library onto your iPod and allow the file to download to your iPod device.

    • 10

      Load the video on your iPod and begin to watch the file you converted from your TiVo box on your iPod.

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