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Cancer Personal Horoscope For June 2010

At the beginning of June you're feeling confused.
You're not quite sure where to put your energies and if you follow your heart you might make a big mistake.
So in the first instance it might be best to take it easy, and not do anything too drastic.
On June 5 or 6 Jupiter enters Aries, and it stays here until early September.
In the Cancerian horoscope the sign Aries has a special connection with career, so for the rest of the Summer (or Winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) you can do extremely well in terms of career and business.
I would therefore suggest that you don't spend too much time away from work - other people might be on holiday, but that shouldn't distract you.
Indeed it's possible that you have a piece of major luck over the next few months, but you'll have to be in such a position where you're able to exploit it.
You should also bear in mind that on June 8 there's a conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, that has direct relevance to your career.
It dominates the first half of June, and you'll have a great need for freedom.
So if anyone's holding your back, or you're doing work that's boring, or below your pay-grade, you might want to rebel.
However you must choose your moment - if you rebel too early, without thinking through the consequences, you could get yourself into trouble.
On June 14 Venus moves into Leo, where it makes a favourable aspect to Jupiter.
As a result of this aspect you have a chance to improve your financial position.
Perhaps there'll be some financial luck? Or you'll meet someone who proves to be very useful? But when a chance for enrichment comes your way, you mustn't take it for granted.
You'll need to work hard, so as to see through your advantage.
As far as your love life is concerned, the overall situation will gradually improve as the month progresses.
Partners and lovers will be more responsive and they'll find it easier to make decisions.
A Full Moon on June 26 could give you valuable insights into your romantic future, and you might realise that some kind of transformation is required.
If you're a single Cancerian, then the Full Moon could bring a new relationship your way.
It'll be the kind of relationship that can't be trivialised, that could become very intense, very quickly.

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