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Ideas for a Kids' Ministry

    End of Year Concert

    • The children' choir is a popular form of ministry for young parishioners. At the end of the year, the choir can sing carols and put on a nativity concert. The concert can be held in the church itself and be open to the public.

    Community Performances

    • The children's choir can also visit various community sites to perform. For example, the choir can visit sick at hospitals, senior centers and other locations.

    Arts of Crafts

    • Young children can learn biblical lessons by creating various arts and crafts. For example, children can draw figures from a nativity scene, including the baby Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. They can then explain the significance of these figures to other children in small skits.

    Vacation Bible School

    • Children have several vacations every academic year, including during the summer months. This is a great time to have a vacation Bible school, which is an extension of weekly Sunday school sessions. Because you have more time during these sessions, children can read lessons, perform skits and sing songs.

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