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Diabetes Treatment - Control Diabetes Symptoms Naturally

Diabetes treatment and controlling the diabetes symptoms are the issues of concerns for large number of people around the world.
Diabetes is a life long ailment that affects the body's ability to form insulin.
The insulin is vital as it helps the glucose to enter the cells of the body.
The energy is required by the body for staying active as well as for living a healthier life.
The major diabetes symptoms are
  • Unusual thirst
  • Unusual appetite
  • Excessive urination
  • Increased level of fatigue
  • Irritable behavior
These major diabetes symptoms if combined with other secondary signs of diabetes like recurring skin infection, gum infections, slow healing wounds, vision problems and numbness and tingling in hands and feet.
Diabetes type 1 is treated with the help of synthetic insulin.
Type 2 diabetes is initially treated with the help of diet as well as exercise.
It is important that level of sugar in the blood must be adjusted.
The patients of diabetes must lower down the consumption of cholesterol, fats as well as sugars.
Stress management also plays a vital role for the treatment of diabetes.
Meditation and positive thinking also helps the body to fight against the diseases and grow stronger.
Herbal remedies of diabetes are also helpful in controlling the levels of blood glucose.
Some special medicinal plants are helpful in controlling the level of blood sugar.
Indian Kino: It is extensively used in Indian medicines.
It has the potential of reactivating the pancreatic cells of diabetic patients.
Bitter melon: It can also perform the blood sugar lowering function.
50ml juice of bitter melon is enough to activate pancreatic cells of diabetics type 1.
However the patients who often suffer from the problem of hypoglycemia must stay away from bitter melon.
Blueberry Leaves: It contains an active compound named myrtillin.
It reduces hemorrhage in eye, increases the integration of capillaries and fight against the process of aging.
Garlic and Onion: These are two active sugar lowering agents.
It contains flavonoids and disulphide that play a vital role in lowering blood glucose.
These are also good for relieving stress of hypertension patients.
Cinnamon: It is a spice that release stomach gas, Improves appetite and controls blood sugar levels, the fat cells also become more responsive towards insulin because of cinnamon.
It increases the conversion rate of energy from glucose by twenty folds.
It also fights against free radicals, thus prevents the diabetic complications from setting in.

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