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How to Use DVD Clips in PowerPoint

    How to Use DVD Clips in PowerPoint

    • 1). Get a DVD ripper. A DVD ripper is a program that copies a DVD to a hard drive. You use this software to convert DVD video into a different format. You can also use it to edit or make back-up copies of your DVDs.

      PowerPoint cannot read video in DVD format. The only way to get a DVD into PowerPoint is to convert the file. The capabilities of your software depend on the ripper you use. You need a ripper that can convert DVD into one of the following formats: .asf, .avi, .mpeg/.mpg and .wmv. Websites such as (see resource 1) provide information on various DVD rippers.

    • 2). Rip the DVD and convert it into a PowerPoint-compatible format. Install the DVD ripper of your choice. Follow the instructions for copying your DVD. The procedure for copying a DVD depends on your software. Not all DVD ripping programs work the same way. However, they do have some features in common.

      You should have the ability to choose the format for your ripped file. Make sure to choose a format that's compatible with PowerPoint. You might also have to choose an audio format. The following audio formats are compatible with PowerPoint: .aiff, .au, .mid/.midi, .mp3, .wav and .wma.

    • 3). Insert the DVD clip into your PowerPoint presentation. Open your presentation in PowerPoint. Go to the menu and choose "insert," "movies and sounds," and then "movie from file." Make sure the video file is in the same folder with your presentation. Your converted DVD clip will now play within PowerPoint.

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