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How to Manage Domestic Violence as a Supervisor or Manager in the Workplace

    • 1). Learn about domestic violence. You might be surprised to find out that abuse is not limited by race, neighborhood or education. Educate yourself on the different types of abuse, such as physical and emotional abuse, and what signs to watch out for. Share what you learn with your staff.

    • 2). Post fliers, brochures and other information about domestic violence. Include resources regarding where to get help.

    • 3). Show leniency to an employee who you suspect is a victim of domestic violence. Work might be the only chance she (or he) has to at least temporarily escape from the abuser.

    • 4). Talk to an employee you suspect is being abused. Speak about your concerns, letting her know it is not her fault and that you want to support her in any way that you can. Make sure she knows that if she confides in you, it will be held in strict confidence.

    • 5). Leave an opening. If your employee denies abuse or says she doesn't want to talk about it, let her know you are there if she changes her mind. Also provide her with a hotline for 24-hour support.

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