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Roxy Luggage 3-Piece Bags

Travelling requires more than just one suitcase.
You have some stuff for check-in luggage while the rest could just be your hand carry.
It would be pleasant to look at uniform colors and prints for your luggage set.
One of the most popular set is the Roxy luggage which includes a roller bag, a back pack and a carry on bag or duffel bags.
The latest collection for Roxy is called the Roxy Eggs luggage.
It is named as such because it gives you the option which is similar to choosing eggs; you can have, poached, sunny-side up or scrambled eggs.
In the same manner you can choose the right size of bag for your needs.
For longer trips that require you to board an airplane, then the roller bag would do the job.
It is an upright bag, that has21"h x 14"w x 7.
5"d dimensions.
It is to roll wherever you go.
It can even be fitted on a plane cabin.
Meanwhile duffel bags are perfect for those weekend getaways, slumber party with your girlfriend and so on.
The roomy 11"h x 18"w x 9"d space would easily store clothes, change of shoes, a huge towel and other necessities wherever you go.
These are meant for contents that are too bulky to fit on a suitcase and yet light enough to be carried on your shoulder.
It is also ideal for the beach because it is water resistant and can be placed on the sand.
The backpack measures about 17.
5h x 11.
5w x 6d.
It is best for day trips or short distance trips that does not require you to stay overnight.
It has huge external zipped pockets that make it easy to reach out for important stuff like your cash, or your cellphone.
It can also be used as a school bag.
It would also be an ideal gift for those with three children.
Leave the roller bag for the eldest while the youngest can carry the backpack.
You can also purchase the sets for your siblings or friends.
Travelling together would be fun when you have similar bags together.
Because it comes in a set, the designs and color are really matching.
Now you do not have to look for matching bags or colors.
All the bags are identical making them easy to distinguish from other bags.

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