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Control Weeds in the Garden Using the Proper Techniques

Controlling the unsightly weed population in the garden is almost an endless campaign.
The different weeds require a specific treatment approach to increase the chance of eradicating them from the garden.
Here are some of the most-effective weed control methods available to the gardener: Identify the weeds - Try to know the different type of weeds to make sure the best method of control is used.
For instance, the annual weeds are easily managed with a regular schedule of hoeing, but this same technique used on seasonal perennials will see them return much stronger and bigger than before.
Annuals - The annual weeds can drop a high volume of seeds that will stay dormant in the soil until the preferred soil, light and moisture conditions arrive.
This can mean a huge amount of weeds appear at the same time.
For easier control of the annuals, make sure to hoe the weeds when young and before they are able to reach the full blooming stage.
Perennials - Hand pulling the entire weed and root structure is the most-effective technique for eliminating perennials from the garden.
But this method is quite time-consuming.
Try to avoid chopping weeds with a power digger or mini tiller because this will leave the roots in place.
Even the tiniest piece of root left in place can let these weeds reemerge, and they come back stronger than ever.
Growth controls - To deter future growth of the weeds, it can help to lay a weed control fabric or apply a thick layer (2 or 3 inches) of mulch.
Either of these choices acts as a physical weed barrier to stop unwanted weeds appearing.
Chemical use - If troubled by a significant outbreak of weeds and chemical use is the best course of action, make sure to use the high strength solutions with care.
Make sure to follow the instructions listed on the bottle.
Avoid use the toxic solutions near water habitats, like fish ponds.
Apply the chemicals in favorable weather condition, such as a calm and still day.
And, wear the necessary safety clothing and gear when spraying an herbicide.
Patience - Make sure to be persistent with weed control and apply the required treatment regularly.
The more unrelenting weeds with need a regular course of treatment to ensure the weeds are killed for good.
Organic treatment - If you prefer to avoid the use of chemical solutions in the backyard, the process of hand weeding and hoeing is very effective, but quite time-consuming.
Other options include a weed burner to quickly and easily burn all weeds and unwanted plant life.

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