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Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor For Your Needs

AThere are many different roofing providers out there, so it can be hard deciding which one is right for your property. In this article we will try to touch upon the different factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a provider, and explain why these factors are important to your decision.

AYour roof is important to the structural integrity of your property, and is one of the primary sources of protection against our nations harsh weather conditions. Every year Australian properties along the eastern seaboard are battered by furious storms, raging winds and an unforgiving sun, with our rooves bearing much of the brunt of these weather events. Therefore keeping your roof in top condition is paramount to protecting your property and your family.

AHere are just a couple of factors you should take into consideration when deciding which service provider to go with:

ALicensed & Endorsed Contractors

AFirst and foremost, you need to check that your shortlist of potential providers are fully Licensed contractors. Increasingly, unqualified home handymen are appearing in the market, offering low-priced roofing solutions that appear attractive from afar, but in reality deliver sub-par results. Look for contractors that are HIA and Master Builder accredited & endorsed. This way you know that they have the backing of recognised and highly reputable trade associations, and the work they conduct will be of a high quality.


AIt is always good to check the amount of experience they have in the industry. A contractor that has operated for decades is going to be much better than someone who has just entered the industry because they have a deeper understanding and knowledge base of what is needed and why. However, dont just look for broad experience. Ask contractors for their history and experience with your particular type of roof if you have a terracotta tiled roof it might be worth a look at specialists in this area. The same applies for other types of roofing.


AMake sure your chosen contractor has relevant insurance that provides full coverage. If they or one of their workers are injured while working on your roof, and they dont have insurance, you could be sued for an accident that occurs on your property. It is important that all contractors have workers compensation insurance.

APositive Client Testimonials

AA great way to evaluate the quality of a contractor is if they can provide you with positive client testimonials from previous satisfied customers. Before and after shots can give you a snapshot of the possible final product and what it will look like, and will help you evaluate whether the service is right for you or not. Remember to look for testimonials from clients with real names, and if possible, from properties in your local area.

AService Guarantees

AIf a contractor is prepared to stand behind their services with a warranty or guarantee, you can be sure that the services they provide are of a high quality. Remember to look for a workmanship guarantee on top of a product warranty nearly all manufacturers will provide a warranty for their products, but not all contractors provide a workmanship guarantee.

AWe hope this article has provided you with some direction as to which roofing contractors are right for your needs. If you are still seeking a high-quality provider in the Northern Brisbane region, we suggest Homestyle Roof Painters. They have extensive industry experience and a great reputation in the area for quality and customer service.

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