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A short guide to Cairns Australia

The most famous statement of each and every chilly Australian Backpackers who has spent more than a week in Australia and completely assimilated in time is no worries, no worries! This phrase and the idea behind them, relaxed mentality is one in Cairns, a city of 100,000 inhabitants in the state of Queensland, encounter. The Guide Cairns is some information about leisure activities in and around Cairns.

The lagoon
No worries! hears say, when the well-built and well-designed optically beach promenade esplanade is approaching and with a grimace before the local signs. The reason for this are occurring in these tropical areas, crocodiles and other exotics. But it would not be in Australia, if you have no easy solution to this problem yourself ready - including a beach when you can build an artificial lagoon right by the beach? All water rats, land in Cairns was recommended to go to this lagoon. During the day you can enjoy the sun on the large lagoon pool and free and can look out to sea and in the evening you can meet with friends and other nice people on the lagoon, to make use of the nightlife there, uncertain.
The Nightlife
The nightlife is always done, you need to not compulsory and free Saturdays. Where you can learn what's going pretty quickly on the spot. Most venues are pubs or pubähnlich what others may be that there are both German and many Irish and British tourists and the town has adapts to its users and their needs. Localities such as Rattle & Hum on the promenade or the Gilligan's, which is something towards the city, speak for themselves. Who will fill the night without a party, where the Night Market is laid to my heart, who plays a kind of junk, antiques, jewelry market.

This market is open until late several times a week in the evening. The entrance can be reached also on the Esplanade. Otherwise available to a chic restaurants and bars chill for the physical well available. The Guide Cairns mentioned here some exciting activities that travelers looking for adventure should definitely take to heart.
The water rat is further strongly recommended a snorkeling or diving trip to the enterprise. To simply drifting on the Great Barrier Reef for half a day in the ocean and Nemo and Co. is the wonderful 'just swimming' watch. Who does not trust it away from the tour operator to explore the coral reefs alone, which can also be a group that is usually accompanied by a technician connect. To recommend the tour operator Passion of Paradise, Pro Dive and more Ortansässige that also offer multi-day diving tours. For an additional fee, it is possible to obtain a diving license. The organizers can be found online or locally in some backpacker hotels, as well as the Esplanade at the Pier.

Those who are drawn more into the air, the Guide recommends the Skydive Cairns to take one of the tours or to start a helicopter flight. Near the Esplanade, there is an organizer which takes care of the tours. If you're not a professional jumper, there is - or rather, thank God - the ability to make a tandem jump. This means: One is strapped to an experienced person, jumping from height of about 4-5 km, cries for equalizing pressure like crazy and enjoy the world from up there. Does the rest of skydiving partners. For an additional fee the fun is filmed at the request and pressed directly after the jump to a CD.

Those who shy away from air and water activities, or both has checked off his to-do list, which is well served to hire a car and drive to the north. It should be mentioned that the Aussies go in on the left. The goal is, of Cape Tribulation. The site is located approximately 110 km from Cairns and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He is also known for its wonderful geographical fusion of ocean beach and rainforest. While you walk along the beach, you can see the sea and tropical at the same time.

Swimming is prohibited at that place a good half of the year and was warned because seasonal jellyfish frolicking around here kind of something nastier. In these areas, one is struck by tropical flora and fascinating fauna novel. In addition to the unique flora and fauna of the Cape has nothing else to offer - all hikers and nature, however, the child would have to satisfy completely. It is advisable to wear sturdy shoes, because with flip-flops might feel a little uncomfortable due to the uneven ground and the one or other insect. Also the transportation of food and plenty of drinking water are beneficial. Who would not want to drive far to the Cape, which can also browse Kuranda and Port Douglas.
Cairns Experience has shown that often either starting point of a tour of Australia or their destination. The traveler is, no matter whether it is the beginning or the end, probably possible to determine quickly that Cairns has its own charm on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is also comparable to any major city in Australia. The place is clean, and architecturally find everything intuitively what one is used to from other cities: the ATM bank machines are there, everywhere she goes, and the department store chain Woolworths with its home brand brand that is comparable with UKJ low-budget brands, is is also where you would expect their location.

The Guide Cairns refers here also to the great backpacker hotel chains Nomads, YHA and others who are also represented in this site. But smaller plants, such as the Caravella Backpackers, within walking distance of Cairns City, are recommended. So if you do not want to deviate from a certain level of comfort, then do not have to, too.
Getting there
If the city felt from the beginning as sympathetic, so you are good to like things they stay even after 3 days. And if you still should eventually leave Cairns, then is its airport, with the identification of CNS, for departure. There are daily flights to national and international airlines such as Qantas, JetStar, Pacific Blue and the Airport. British passengers can bucy Cheap flights to Cairns from Travel Street UK. Who bus travel should preferably rely on the Travel coaches. In addition to the travel company also Premierbus Oz Experience and Sunbus available. For the particularly adventurous passport or the hop on / hop off ticket is recommended. Here you pay a lump sum and may at any location and get one. When you where zusteigt, but must be announced by calling the respective companies often the day before. But even if you missed a timely notice, you often hear a reassuring no worries!

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