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Spider-Man 3 XBox Cheats

    Unlockable Features

    • When you complete the game, you will unlock two additional features. Winning the final battle against Venom will unlock the Spider-Man suit, as well as suits of the game enemies. Finishing the game will unlock "Arena mode."


    • The key move when battling Kingpin is the "hurricane counter" move. To perform this stunt, press the yellow button two times, then wait for him to attack and miss Spider-Man. As soon as this happens, hit yellow again. Avoid hitting "blue" for rage moves, and instead opt to press "yellow" instead.

      To gain the "Fast Swinger" achievement, stand at the pointed edge of the Daily Bugle roof, with two metal posts close to the edge. Position yourself between these posts and press "X." Turn to face Central Park, press "blue" and push the left joystick down. This will cause Spider-Man to coast at a very fast pace toward Central Park, and you should achieve the speed needed to unlock this achievement.


    • Encase 25 opponents in webbing to unlock the "Web Slinger" achievement, worth 20 points.

      Find the complete set of Arsenic Candy pieces to unlock the "Sweet Tooth" achievement, worth 10 points.

      Hitch a ride on a vehicle for five miles total to unlock the "Hitch Hiker" achievement, worth 20 points.

      Finish every "Bank Robbery" scenario to unlock the "Police Sergeant" achievement, worth 30 points.

      Find the complete set of "Apocalypse Gang" coins to unlock the "Punk Rocker" achievement, worth 10 points.

      Finish all "DeWolfe" scenarios to unlock the "Deputy" achievement, worth 30 points.

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