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What Are the Treatments for a Cat Licking Fur Off Its Stomach?

    Flea Bath and Flea Treatments

    • As many cases of excessive licking by a cat are due to allergic reactions to flea or other bug bites, the first step in curing your cat of their excessive licking problem is to give them a flea bath, which will kill the insects which are biting them. Giving a cat a bath is never an easy or enjoyable chore, so wear dish washing gloves and long sleeves, to prevent your cat from scratching you. Your cat will forgive you for its momentary discomfort. See if this treatment stops the licking.

      There are also a few flea medications you can try, which can be bought over the counter; however, it would probably be better to check with your vet before using them. Frontline Plus, which is a flea medication you put on your cat's neck, will kill all the fleas on your cat's body, and keep fleas away for up to 30 days. Steroid creams placed on the cat's stomach also are an effective way to relieve itching, but may not be good for a cat, if ingested regularly.

    Elizabethan Collar

    • While a color of this type is usually used when a cat or dog has had surgery and the vet does not want them licking the wound because it itches, an Elizabethan collar could be tried on your cat to keep it from licking its stomach. These collars are basically cones which you affix around your cat's neck, so it cannot lick itself at all. The cone or color around your cat's neck may help break it of the obsessive habit or allow a medication, you have applied on your cat, to take effect. Try this for a few days and then remove it to see if the cat has gone back to licking its stomach.

    Change Cat Diet

    • This excessive licking also may be caused by food allergies related to something in your cat's diet. According to, an estimated 35 percent of cats suffer from food allergies. A lack of specific nutrients also is thought to cause excessive licking. One solution for keeping your cat from licking all the fur off its stomach, is to change your cat's diet to commercially prepared, non-allergenic foods. Try this for a month to see if the licking slows or stops, as this may be the simplest, non-medicated and cheapest way to rid your pet of its licking problem.

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