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Making the Home Theater

Anyone can make their little movie room at home, all it needs is a flat screen television, a sofa and some snacks and everyone is content. But if you want to create a cinematic experience that is truly unique and special, then why don't you consider transforming a room to a family home and entertainment theatre? Achieving a Home Theatre feel and ambiance in your home is not that difficult, all you need are the right accessories and Home Automationthat can be brought about by The Solent Electronic Home. If you install and set up the right furniture, lighting and arrangements, then your new entertainment room will be the envy of your entire block. It's going to be so exciting that even your children would want their friends to visit. Here is some of what the very popular home theaters have in stored for their owners.
  • Comfortable seats – specialty home theater seating has become very popular over the last few years as the thought of having the most prestigious home theater experience have long been wanted by home owners. There are two kinds of seats namely movie theater seating and the loungers which are the soft, reclining and very comfortable.
  • Framed movie posters – the easiest way to create a movie theater ambiance is by decorating the room with framed movie posters. One of the most popular choices is those from the classics or science fiction. You can even display the poster of the movie that you are about to watch, just place it on a standee.
  • Lighting – is very important as it sets the entire atmosphere of the movie theater. Some lights even coordinate according to the music of the movie scene. Have the perfect  automated lighting control installed and amaze your guests as you control the system with one touch of a button or screen as it also manages the homes security control.

Entertaining is always a pleasure if you have the right equipment and space. So get those popcorns popping and play that DVD and be ready for a night full of theatrical drama, action and adventure.

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