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Mistakenly Ripping Off Facebook to Make a Killing

Have you been a victim of an online marketing scam that left you feeling used and abused? Newbies Beware! Online marketing is the biggest mine of "fools-gold" you ever saw.
There are major online scams arriving in your in-box on a daily basis dressed with angels wings.
And with the rising influence of Facebook make sure you have not mistakenly been tempted into ripping off Facebook or other online organisations to "make a killing!" And are shortly to be banned from them for life! There is a price to pay for greed and ignorance.
You can pay up front or you can pay later.
But you will pay.
And my advice is to pay upfront by avoiding all "make a killing" and "get rich in 30 days" offers and short-cuts and seek out a slow but certain wealth creation package that will deliver sustainable results in time.
BANNED FOR LIFE Imagine innocently proceeding with a new "money-making social media product" that was offered in your in-box and you bought through a top affiliate program network; and then being banned for life by Facebook; when Facebook is becoming the major source of online income and influence.
It is becoming more difficult for most people to generate income through Google PPC (Pay per Click), and Facebook it would appear is taking over leadership of this powerful arena from Google at the present time.
And you innocently sell your soul to some dubious online marketing Samaritan and find yourself banned for life by the leading Social Network.
Wow! A lot of people initially took up a recent Facebook scam quite innocently and I think the misleading approach was wicked.
We have legitimate White Hat methods of driving traffic in online marketing, and then we have the so-called "Grey Hat" and "Black Hat" methods of scamming the institutions in Online Marketing.
Both of which seem to be cool to most online marketers but believe me they are dangerous for your wealth.
And now we have methods that are not only downright deceitful and deceptive but fraudulent.
THE WORST SCAM OF ALL I always knew that online marketing was a minefield but it has taken me a while to realise that it is a minefield filled with marketers of questionable integrity that look like really likeable, honest, "let me help you brother" Samaritan style mentors.
But in fact many of these online "Samaritans" could be compared to vultures scrambling for the last pieces of meat at the kill.
And the recent "Make a Killing with Facebook" offer is for me a deception that has to be one of the worst.
The potential of Online Marketing for the man-in-the-street is huge.
But there are no short-cuts to wealth.
Any short-cut no matter how good it looks, and no matter how good the person looks who presents it, is a lie and a deception and will strangle you sooner if not later.
MASTERS OF DECEPTION There are no exceptions! I have tried them all.
Well, probably not all but enough of them to know that the better they look the worse they are.
Many of the marketers out there are masters of deception.
And they are masters of deception because most people want to be deceived.
Yes want to be deceived.
They want a short-cut.
They don't want to do it the right way.
And there is only one way to achieve sustainable wealth.
The right way.
And it takes longer.
And it requires more work.
And it requires you to get out of your comfort zone.
And you hate doing that.
Yes I know all that.
I am the same.
But the Truth of the matter is that short-cuts do make money.
But this is the road to riches; it is not the road to wealth.
Riches come and riches go.
And they go when you least expect it and they are not easy to regain.
Wealth is sustainable.
It comes and it stays.
THE ROAD TO SUSTAINABLE WEALTH And I have only one interest and that is to show people the road to sustainable online wealth.
It takes longer.
But it is the way that the very small percentage of online wealth creators use; and there are no scams involved with these leaders in the field; but they are certainly as hard to find as needles in a haystack.
And the Facebook scam that I have come across of late is the one that even some of the top online marketers were promoting.
It was presented on a charming video by a really likeable and plausible marketer that set out what appeared to be a "no brainer" for making piles of cash from Facebook Ads.
And you were advised that if you didn't take up their offer immediately you were going to be "left out of the biggest online money opportunity ever!!" And it looked like a really great deal and oh so simple to implement! SCAMMING FACEBOOK Facebook is the flavour of the year and the second best website in the world; and growing faster than Google so you have to go for it.
And hey! all these master marketers want to do is help you to stop being poor and short of money and get into "printing money" like they are doing.
Such caring guys.
And this is when the warning bells should have sounded! But they didn't.
We want to believe them.
We know that "printing money" somehow has to be shaky but what-the-hell; if it works for them? So like "dumbos" we sign up looking for a "get rich quick route" and what do we find? The usual online marketing double talk.
OK so just signing up gets you nothing! Even though they promised you the earth just to sign up.
Well that's to be expected.
So we need to upgrade to get the real offer.
OK, so let's upgrade.
But after upgrading we realise that this is looking bad.
We are immediately presented with another upgrade! Oh, Oh! Something is seriously rotten in the state of Denmark! FOOLPROOF MONEY MAKING SYSTEM? And so we begin to study the set-up material but with caution; but what a surprise: where is the "fool-proof Facebook money-making system that even a child can't fail to make millions with"? Where are the "13 mouse clicks and the 112 minutes to wealth and prosperity"? The simple answer? They don't exist! You contact the support desk and there is no reply.
You work through the modules they set out for you and they seem like real nice guys except they tell you one thing that stops you in your tracks.
DEFRAUDING FACEBOOK They tell you that what you have bought from them is a software package that defrauds Facebook.
Well they don't put it in those words.
They couch it in flowery phrases that make it seem quite legit.
But in fact you are going to use this software to defraud Facebook and make a lot of money! You are going to pretend to put up ads that sell one thing but you are actually going to sell something else! Because the ads you are going to put up are not allowed by Facebook.
So the software they provide will cheat Facebook admin by taking them to a neutral URL instead of the URL of your Ad.
I was amazed because the product was offered through a top affiliate program network (APN) and was reflecting as one of the APN's top-selling products at the time.
And the APN was obviously totally unaware of the devious intent of the originators of the software.
But when I checked to gain the views of others about the product I was pleased to see that people were up in arms about the product and claiming their money back from the APN.
And this particular APN needless to say has serious integrity in this regard and always refund you your money.
BEWARE! BEWARE! But beware! There are many more scams to come.
Human nature knows no boundaries when it comes to making money by any means; and the online marketing arena is no exception.
Most of them are not quite as blatant as this one and are usually couched in nice sounding terminology like "black hat" and so on which don't sound too dangerous.
But once you have sold your soul you have sold it.
The price is not the key factor.
The smaller it is the more dangerous it is, because it doesn't seem so bad.
But once you are out of integrity you are lost.
WHEN TO PAY THE PRICE? So let me warn you.
There is serious money to be made in legitimate online marketing but there is a price to pay.
You can pay the price up front.
Or you can pay the price at the end of the process.
But if you pay the price up front it will be temporary and will pass and the rewards will be great and long-lasting.
If you take the short route up front, the rewards will be great but they will be temporary and when they are gone you will pay a very big price and it will not go away.

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