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Kalu River- Rippling across the island!

One of Sri Lanka's important rivers the Kalu River or Kalu Ganga flows for 80 miles, originating from Adam's peak and mingling in to the sea at Kalutara. A popular canoeing route, spectacular scenery awaits those who decide to explore its many twists and turns.

Kalu Ganga literally meaning Black River in Sinhala originates from the cold mountainous range of Adams peak and meets the sea at Kalutara. In fact the latter which was once a prime spice trading centre derives its name from Kalu Ganga. The primary sources of water for this river are the dense forests in the chilly Central Province as well as the popular Singharaja Rain Forest reserve. Measuring almost 80 miles in length the Kalu River lazily snakes past Ratnapura as well as Kalutara.

A very popular canoeing route, Kalu Ganga is apt for even amateurs because of its slow flow for most part of the journey, the more experienced can try the rapid bit which is almost at the end of the river. While canoeing you can enjoy the vividly changing landscapes of Sri Lanka which become even more scenic once you pass Ratnapura. You will also pass the famed Gangathilaka Viharaya. You can also stop to rest at the Kalu Ganga river Rocks. An ideal place for meditating, you can unwind whilst listening to the sound of water interrupted only by birds calling to each other or maybe take a refreshing dip in the river.

If you do have the time then you must pay a visit to the Gangathilaka Vihara. Known as the Kalutara Bodhiya, this 3 stories high structure it is famous for its hollow dagoba as well as the many Jataka story paintings on the stupa. One mustn't also forget the miniature pagoda and Golden Buddha inside this hollow pagoda that looks like a drop of milk. The Kalutara Calido beach is another must see spot. Running in-between the Kalutara River and the Indian Ocean you can enjoy a quick shower in fresh water or go for a swim in the sea.

Beach resorts Sri Lanka Kalutara are frequented by tourists throughout the year. Located right where the Kalutara River meets the sea is the Avani Kalutara Resort. Close to Beruwela, Lunuganga and Richmond castle this hotel in Kalutara is the perfect place to relax on a holiday while at the same time having enough activities to do and places to see if you wanted to.

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