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Inflatable Kayaks and Inflatable Boats Help With Family Bonding

We as a nation spend a lot of time trying to keep our kids off drugs.
At the same time the divorce rate would be a scandal if marriage was manufactured by a greedy money hungry non-caring corporation.
I don't pretend to know all the answers but I know one of them is we don't do enough things together as a family.
While running a resort in northern Minnesota I spent many hours visiting with guests.
Many times I had a man come in and comment that his wife was going on side trip while they were at the resort and would be gone for a couple of days.
He planned to spend the time fishing or golfing.
There isn't anything wrong with any of the above activities.
However, many times before the week was up one of them would tell me that they were both on their second spouse.
Could the problem be in part that they didn't do enough things together? I live on a lake that is fed by a river.
Many a time I drive my pickup down to a dam that is located a few miles downriver and bike back.
Then my wife and I kayak down the river to the landing and take the pickup back.
The wildlife that we see is worth the trip with the physical fitness and bonding thrown in free.
We have been married 41 years by the way.
Since I live on a lake and have no problems storing or transporting it to the lake we have a hard sided double kayak.
For someone who doesn't have easy access to a lake or river an inflatable kayak makes more sense.
An inflatable kayak is made out of tough vinyl to make the kayak very durable.
There isn't any need for an SUV to transport it.
Simply deflate it and put it in the back seat or trunk.
Of course if you want to tell your spouse you need a pickup to haul it around I won't correct you.
Unless you know that you will be kayaking alone or prefer to kayak alone consider getting a double.
Remember it is double the fun whether it is your spouse or one of your kids with you.
Many of us senior citizens remember when inflatable toys meant something that was thrown away after a year or two.
Today's inflatable kayaks will stand up to years of abuse.
However, when you store them make sure there aren't any rodents that can get at them.
I had an inflatable donut a few years ago and stored it in a shed that had mice.
They needed material for their nest.
My new inflatable donut, which is used to pull my kids and grandkids around, has lasted for years.

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