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Are You Too Young To Get Breast Implants?

There is a recommended minimum age for breast augmentation. That age is eighteen years old. However, it is only a recommendation - even a fifteen year old could get breast implants if she wanted them.

When I graduated high school, the most popular gift for graduation was a new car. Things have changed considerably since then. One of the more popular gifts for a young girl's high school graduation is breast augmentation surgery. Parents all across our nation are plunking down thousands of dollars at the end of every school year so their little girls can have larger, fuller breasts. Some are actually getting the surgery even earlier than graduation, even as young as fifteen years old. Surprisingly, there is no law stipulating the proper age for a girl to get breast implant surgery. There is a recommendation, and its eighteen years old.

The vast majority of women these days want fuller, rounder, and larger breasts. They want the perfect body at practically any cost. Why? That's an easy answer: sex appeal. With greater sex appeal comes great self confidence and self esteem, and that equates to a more improved lifestyle with more enjoyable interaction with friends, family, and romantic interests. Women want to look their best no matter what age they are. But should a fifteen year old be able to get breast implants just as easily as a thirty year old?

Everyone can empathize with women who are in their mid to late thirties - their bodies are showing the inevitable, unavoidable signs of aging. For the aging woman, breast augmentation is an attempt to restore some vitality to her breasts. They want their breasts to sit higher on their chest and for them to have more fullness. Is there anything wrong with that? Nothing whatsoever.

For the young girl in her teens wanting breast augmentation, she's looking for either the perfect body or potential social acceptance among her peers. Again, this is an indirect method for improving self confidence and there's nothing wrong with such motivation. However, if she's still in her teenage years, her breasts have not finished developing. Some women's breasts continue to develop into their early twenties. That basically means a teenage girl who is unhappy with her breasts could very well be happy with them by the time she hits twenty one or twenty two years old. Teenage girl's bodies are not fully developed and because of this fact, some people argue that there should be a firm age restriction for breast augmentation surgery.

To further prove the point that teen girls are too young for breast augmentation, it's a proven fact that at the age of fifteen both boys and girls are highly dissatisfied with the development of their bodies. By the time they reach eighteen, they become more and more pleased with their bodies, and their self confidence and self esteem improve proportionately.

Its' estimated that ten percent of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery will need some form of corrective surgery within three years. It's also recommended that breast implants be replaced with new ones every ten years or sooner. Given these facts, a young girl of fifteen who gets breast implants could very well have three invasive surgeries by the time she's twenty five years old!

In this writer's opinion, fifteen years of age is simply too young for breast augmentation surgery. Even an eighteen year old patient should give serious consideration to what breast augmentation surgery entails and the effects it could have on her life.

To learn more about breast augmentation surgery and the recommended age guidelines, you will need to speak with a licensed plastic surgeon. You should try to find one that is board certified in the procedure. Only a licensed physician can provide you with counsel and guidance relating to your health-related decisions. Good luck with your research!

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