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Callaway Razr Hawk Golf Driver Review

The new 2011 Callaway RAZR Hawk driver is certainly one of the best golf drivers that Callaway have ever produced and is probably one of the best golf drivers of all time and utilizes some of the most advanced technology ever created.
So if you are looking for that rare combination of pure power, pinpoint accuracy and ultimate forgiveness off of the tee box, then the Callaway RAZR Hawk golf driver is one club that you will want to get your hands on.
One of the main technological enhancements that really sets it apart from the rest and is enjoyed by this beast, comes in the form of Callaway's revolutionary new construction material called Forged Composite, which was created in partnership with the super car manufacturers Lamborghini.
Used to a lesser degree in the RAZR's predecessor model the Callaway Diablo Octane Driver, this new forged composite material is much lighter and stronger than Titanium.
In fact it is one third the density of Titanium and features a greater load carrying capacity per unit mass in bending.
This allows Callaway engineers to have much more control over the thickness of the walls and weight of the clubhead.
By creating a lighter clubhead that is stronger than any all titanium clubhead, yet still maintains an extremely high moment of inertia, means that the RAZR Hawk Driver will provide you with faster clubhead speeds and faster ball speeds for greater distance off of the tee, without compromising forgiveness! Another breakthrough technology used in the RAZR Hawk driver is Callaway's Hyperbolic Face Technology.
This precision technology works by accurately varying the thickness of the entire clubface, so that it improves efficiency and increases the effective hitting area.
This means that you will benefit from greater distance on those miss-hit shots, as the ball speeds are increased across the entire face.
Callaway have also provided an Aldila RIP graphite shaft as standard, which helps to improve the overall feel and control of the club, as well as improving the aerodynamics, by streamlining the surface contours, so that it reduces the energy loss caused from the effects of drag on the downswing, and promotes higher impact speeds for greater distance.
Callaway have also introduced their RAZR Weighting System and have produced 2 versions of the RAZR Hawk Driver.
One with a neutral weighting bias for those golfers who already hit the ball fairly straight or with a slight draw, and one with a draw weighting bias to help those golfers out there hit the ball straighter, if they currently fade the ball or are looking to cure any golf slicing issues.
As with most of the Callaway Golf Drivers released, they have also provided the more accomplished players out there with a RAZR Hawk Tour Driver version.
Although very similar to the standard versions, there are some subtle differences in terms of head size, weight configuration, face angle and shaft options.

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