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How Do You Cure Tinnitus?

The human ear is on of the most complex and delicate organs in the body.
The ear allows us to experience sounds around us and also regulates balancing and motor functions with the brain.
Sometimes a person can perceive a sensation of sound within their head even when no external sound is present.
The sound can be perceived as ringing, buzzing, hissing, whooshing, or other sensations.
This condition can occur from medical reasons or accidents, and is known as tinnitus.
Caused by many different reasons, this ringing in the ears or tinnitus occurs when the brain interprets a false signal sent to it by the inner ear as a sound.
It is analogous to a short circuit which occurs in the very complex structure of the inner ear, causing this false electrical impulse to be sent to the brain.
The brain then interprets this deceptive impulse as the ringing sounds that are heard.
There are some available remedies that help deal with tinnitus, although results may vary from person to person based on the underlying cause of the condition.
A useful supplement for treating tinnitus caused by meniere's disease is Lipoflavonoids.
Also, some prescription medications are available like Campral which can help with tinnitus.
Other types of treatments currently under research include the use of magnetic therapy to stimulate the hearing center in the brain and allow it to filter out the ringing sounds.
There are other treatment methods apart from drugs, surgery, and magnetic therapy that are available to deal with tinnitus using fully holistic means.

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