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Some new Manufactured Home community developments feature elegantly designed residences that present the appearance of a detached home when viewed from the street, providing all the conveniences and efficiencies of a condo-style design while exuding the aesthetics and vibe of a freestanding single-family house.
These Manufactured Home communities echo the optimism and energy of the Boomer Consumer, featuring high-quality fitness centers and workout facilities. There is a growing recognition that working out and staying active are very important to Boomers, and that access to a high quality fitness center is a necessity, rather than a luxury. New housing developments catering to Boomers now frequently feature integrated or adjacent hiking and biking trails as part of their active lifestyle.
Exterior landscaping is attractive, but managed and maintained by professionals, freeing up valuable personal time. This is personal time that Active Adults can use to purse their active lifestyles whether it be for travel, entertainment or exercise.
Swimming pools are an important component to the Active Adult community. They allow Boomers a place to relax and unwind, another option for exercise, and a venue for entertaining the grandchildren.
Access to community clubhouses and public spaces is another welcome feature, but here too, freedom and flexibility are paramount. The most successful arrangements provide game and party rooms and lounges with space available for private reservations and entertaining larger groups of guests. But, again, this generation is not their fathers retirement set. They dont want bingo and tea socials planned for them but they want usable common space to host receptions or conduct group meetings.
Ultimately, this new and increasingly popular residential format enables Boomers to simultaneously assert their independence and relieve some of the everyday burdens and tedium of housework, yard work and other mundane responsibilities. Slightly smaller, but high-quality residences, convenient to restaurants and other amenities, allow homeowners to enjoy the pride and satisfaction of hosting events and welcoming guests, while providing them with the stress-free freedom to be able to lock the door and go; to travel on a moments notice. They make life easier, and they make life more fun.
Boomers are experienced, sophisticated consumers. They tend to be well-traveled, with an appreciation for quality and a good sense of what they want. And, fundamentally, what they want is quite simple: Boomers dont want to change their lifestyle, they want to enhance it.
If you are interested in learning more about what Manufactured Home Communities in the Phoenix, Mesa, Apache Junction, Glendale, or Peoria locations can offer you please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss what options are available to you today!

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