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Koi Fish Diseases Discussed

Raising Koi fish involves so much more than just feeding the fish and replacing damaged tank parts every now and then.
There are actually quite a few things that you will need to take into consideration, one of the most important being Koi fish diseases.
There are four types of diseases to discuss today, and once you understand what they are, you may understand how to prevent them or even treat them if the need should arise.
The first and most obvious disease is infection, and you will generally be able to identify an infection by taking a look at any would the fish happens to have.
The wound will typically be discolored and covered in dead skin.
The best way to correct this issue is to remove the dead skin and rub the area with gauze.
Remember that this is a serious condition and if you do not want to damage your koi, you should rub very gently.
If you are unsure as to what you are doing, it would be wise to consult a professional.
Then again, your Koi might have a more serious disorder such as cancer.
Many people will say that a fish is a fish, and investing too much money in them is pointless.
If you have raised your Koi from eggs however, you might have an entirely different view.
If so, then you will want to determine whether your Koi has cancer, and if so then you may wish to speak with a veterinarian.
Eye disease is common among Koi, and it is not something that you can miss.
It is often called Popeye syndrome or even exophthalomia.
This is usually characterized by the eye protruding from its socket, more than it normally would.
There are medications for it, but they have not been extremely effective.
Another thing to note is that it is entirely possible for a Koi fish to contract tuberculosis, and if this happens, it is more than possible for it to be transmitted to a human being.
This should go without saying, but be careful! If your Koi has difficulty closing its mouth, then it probably suffers from an ulcer of some type.
This can be traced to a bacterial infection that inflames the mouth ligaments.
The best solution is to start your fish on antibiotics.
In any case, if your fish is sick, it would be wise to separate it from the rest of your fish lest they become infected.
It's not always going to be easy, but keeping your fish in good health and good spirits is vital to keep them alive and keep them reproducing.
That being said, commit these conditions to memory and learn a few other potential diseases as well.
You never know what you may find when dealing with Koi fish.

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