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Balance in Life Helps to Reduce Stress, Enjoy Life and Even Increase Sales

Most mornings I awake early, read the local paper for 30 minutes and then invest 2 hours answering emails, posting a blog here to attending to other administrative tasks such as sending out thank you or glad we met notes.
Now on Sundays, I have a personal commitment to attend my local church.
Sometimes after mass, I join fellow parishioners for a late breakfast.
Several years ago when constructing my strategic business plan, I made a decision to balance out my personal life by attending church every week.
This decision was based upon doing a self-assessment using a Life Wheel.
The earliest origins of the Life Wheel that I could find were several references to Buddha who wrote of a 6 spoke life wheel.
Just as the wheels in a car need balance, so does each individual's personal life.
Then when goals are set, they can help to balance out the individual's life.
As I grew in my own intentional self-development, I constructed an 8-spoke life wheel (as noted above) that was also countered balanced.
  • Purpose was opposite of Ethics or Beliefs (spiritual)
  • Mental was opposite of Physical
  • Career was opposite of Financial
  • Family was opposite of Social
By having the various aspects of my personal life countered balanced, helped me to be even more intentional when it came to setting written personal goals.
To begin balancing out my spiritual life, I wrote a goal to be a reader twice each month and entered into my personal growth action plan.
Then I agreed to sit on the Church Council.
When a call went out for assisting ministers, I volunteered once again.
What I also learned that balance along with written goals helped to reduce stress.
The reason for this was I was no longer reacting to life, but becoming far more proactive.
Stress I learned upon reflection was because I failed to have a plan of action and now was at the mercy of forces beyond my control.
What I needed to do was to focus on what I could control.
Written goals provided that much-needed focus.
Each of us has various aspects of within our lives.
When we learn how to balance these different areas, we can see previously restricted potential unleashed.
By using written goals along with a plan of action, we can begin to channel all that potential towards predetermined desired results.
And for me that has made all the difference.

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