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How to Make a Wood Car Racing Ramp

    Stepped Design

    • 1). Measure the lumber into pieces for your ramps. You need two each of: 30-inch planks; 48-inch planks; 54-inch pieces of wood; and 70-inch planks. You also need two pieces about 2 to 3 inches long to act as stoppers at the tip of each ramp. Cut out all of the pieces.

    • 2). Stack a 54-inch piece on top of a 70-inch piece so three of the sides line up along the back. The front of the ramp is where the car approaches; the back is the opposite end. Screw and glue this piece into place.

    • 3). Align a 48-inch piece with the flat edge at the back of your ramp, then glue and screw this piece into place.

    • 4). Glue the 30-inch piece of wood into place, lining up with the straight back of the ramp. Screw this plank down.

    • 5). Paste the stoppers down along the back edge of the ramp, lining up with the sides. Screw this into place.

    • 6). Repeat with the remaining pieces of wood. Leave the ramps to dry overnight.

    Rail Tie Design

    • 1). Cut two 2 1/2-foot sections out of a piece of rail tie, using a chainsaw. Mark the top, front and back of each piece. The front is where the car will approach the ramp.

    • 2). Mark 18 inches from the front of one piece, along the top. Draw a diagonal line from that mark to the bottom-front corner of the piece.

    • 3). Cut that triangular mark out of the piece of wood, forming a ramp.

    • 4). Cut a 2- to 3-inch wedge out of the cut-off triangle of wood. This will become the stopper.

    • 5). Screw and glue that stopper into place along the back edge of the ramp, leaving about a 16-inch platform for the car tire to rest on.

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