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Florida Is Going To Be Debating Legalizing Marijuana

When people think of the Sunshine State they envision sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and smiling faces. However, what many people might not realize about Florida is that it is one of the strictest states when it comes to possessing and distributing marijuana. If an individual is caught with just one ounce of marijuana, they could be facing a felony conviction and up to five years in prison. Marijuana addiction is a serious problem. If you think you have an addiction to marijuana, you should see a weed detox as soon as you can.

New Laws

Now, for the first time in the history of the state, resolutions are pending in both Florida's House and Senate that would legalize marijuana. Many states including California,Michigan, Nevada, Maine and Oregon, have already taken similar steps to legalize marijuana. In Florida, the legalization would allow for medical marijuana (cannabis) to be cultivated and sold only to patients who have a prescription from a licensed physician.


People who oppose the new marijuana legislation in Florida think that the current laws are working just fine and are effective in curtailing the negative effects that the drug can have on society such as weed abuse. However, many are still concerned with the amount of money that is being spent on law enforcement to lock up all of the people that are arrested for marijuana offenses. That is why there are also current resolutions pending that would not legalize marijuana, just decriminalize it so that not as much money is spent on incarceration.

Benefits To Legalization

As more and more Florida residents look at other states that have decriminalized marijuana, they see them collecting an incredible amount of extra tax revenue. Also, these states are saving large sums of money on law enforcement. However, it is yet to be seen how legalizing marijuana can effect a community in the long run. As more and more Florida residents start talking about the possible benefits of legalizing marijuana it is becoming increasingly clear that both sides have valid arguments.


Advocacy groups all across the state are collecting signatures and filling petitions for the House and Senate in Florida to take a vote on the bills that were submitted dealing with medical marijuana. It does not look like the law makers will be able to ignore this issue any longer. One way or another, it looks more and more like the laws in Florida dealing with marijuana are going to change. At a time when most states are economic crisis, maybe the legalization of marijuana can offer some solutions. Tax revenue can be generated and law enforcement can focus on other perhaps more pressing issues.

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