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Bringing Birds to Your Backyard With Birdhouses

Did you know that there are over 50 species of birds that will make home in a birdhouse or a nesting platform? Did you know that not every bird will set up house in the same type of bird house? Did you know that by putting a few different birdhouses in your backyard you could turn your back yard into a bird sanctuary were you would be able to enjoy many hours listening you beautiful melodies from our fine feathered friends? Imagine waking up every morning to a wide array of bird species fluttering and busing themselves about in your backyard.
As you get ready to start your day enjoying your last moments before having to go off to work you can relax to the beauty of your birds already busy at work tending to their nest and their young.
Birds give a peaceful serene feel in their flight in motion and the music they make.
If you shut your eyes and listen to the music, it can take you away, allowing your mind to wander to living in the country where life is quieter and the only sounds you hear are that of the birds as they fly about.
You can easily attract beautiful songbirds to your backyard like the Baltimore Orioles by placing a few birdhouses in your trees.
Orioles prefer the Elm or the Maple.
You can hang birdhouses for Baltimore Orioles off the rim of a branch or in the forks of the branches about 25 to 30 feet off the ground and they will happily call it home.
By having a bird feeder with perches filled with a couple halved oranges and a syrup feeder will attract them to your homestead even quicker.
The Baltimore Orioles will pay you back by keeping the small insect count down in your backyard.
When they return yearly you will know it is the true sign that Spring is near.
The Finch family is another great songbird and wonderful addition to any backyard.
Their melodies resemble that of the canary or cardinal, both also great additions to any yard.
Finches' diet varies from berries and fruit to seeds and those small annoying insects that pester you while trying to enjoy a day out in the yard making Finches a welcomed guest.
An attractive bird feeder for the Finch species will have an ample supply of thistle seeds, sunflower seeds, berries or halved oranges, suet, nectar feeders, and brad crumbs.
The best Finch birdhouse is that with one side totally open.
A base, roof, and three sides is all they need or want.
You do not even need a tree to draw finches to your backyard haven.
You can hang their birdhouses from a hanging plant or place under the trellises of your home or garage.
Make sure to have a fresh birdbath as they enjoy taking a dip frequently throughout the day.
By planting a garden bed of flowers around feeders and your birdbaths with brightly colored flowers such as the Cardinal Flower, Petunia and Bee Balm and having feeders containing flower nectar and sugar water your backyard will be irresistible to the hummingbirds, another great insect control bird.
Although they have no desire to live in a man made birdhouse, your vegetation will be their home during the day, and in evening, they will fly off to rest in a tree.
By simply places a few Birdhouses, a birdbath or two, and a few feeders in your backyard with some colorful flowers and vines you gain a backyard full of beautiful songbirds that are also great small insect controls, you can enjoy year after year of beautiful melodies and a relaxing and serene view in your backyard.

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