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Is it the Governments Job to Prop Up Consumer Confidence with Bogus Economic Reports?

Economic forecasts are up, numbers look great, economy still expanding, looks like smooth sailing forever, read the government's economic report.
Oh really now, forget about the high oil prices, consumer credit crunch, real-estate market, car sales, trade deficits, cost of illegal immigration, over spending on Iraq efforts or national debt.
Forget about the Ponzi scheme we call "social security" or the posturing for free universal health care.
We can afford that no problem.
The economy is expanding and it will never hit a rut in the road, as a matter of fact, we are on a runway and we are almost airborne and smooth flying, no clouds or storms for 1,000 miles says the captain.
Interesting, so why are we told to buckle our seatbelts and why is there a red light on in the cabin and what is that other plane in front of us doing on our runway anyway.
It is well known that consumer confidence is nearly as important as the reality of all the economic reports the government can muster and the FED's Beige Sheet too.
Month after month, we are told not to worry, steady as she goes, that is just wake turbulence, we were just slow getting out of the gate, there are aircraft ahead of us, the flight was only delayed, it is all good.
No, actually it is not ALL GOOD, although it is not ALL BAD either.
Nevertheless, there are considerable obstacles in our way and there is huge concerns.
Sure, we can tell folks it is going great and sugar coat the issues, putting lipstick on this pig, but there will always be a day of reckoning, don't kid yourself.
Sincerely, Lance.

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