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87 250R Torque Specs

    Torque and Power

    • The 250R produced a maximum torque of 18.1 pound-feet at 7,500 rpm, and its engine put out a maximum of 30 horsepower at 9,000 rpm.


    • The dirt bike ran on a single-cylinder, air-cooled four-stroke engine that displaced 249 cc. The bore to stroke ratio was 2.9 inches by 2.3 inches, and the compression ratio is 10.2-to-1.

    Wheels and Brakes

    • The front tire dimensions were 80/100-21 and the rear tires measured 110/100-18. Single disc two-caliper brakes were fitted to the front wheel.


    • The bike measured 84.6 inches long, 35.4 inches wide, by 47.2 inches high. The seat height was 35.8 inches, and the wheelbase was 56.1 inches. The bike weighed 238.1 pounds when the 2.4 gallon fuel tank was empty.

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