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How to Troubleshoot Toilet Chain Handle Flops

    • 1). Remove the lid from the toilet tank to reveal the inside workings of the toilet.

    • 2). Trace the chain from the flapper up to the handle. Notice if the chain is attached to the flapper or if it has come loose. If the chain is detached from the flapper, simply reattach it through the loop in the top of the flapper. If the chain is broken, you can purchase a new chain from a home improvement store and install it in minutes.

    • 3). Inspect the handle if there is no problem with the chain, and notice if the handle seems excessively loose. If so, the retaining clip which slides onto the handle on the inside may have come off. Look for it at the bottom of the tank, and slide it back onto the handle on the inside of the tank to secure the handle.

    • 4). Install a new handle assembly if the retaining clip is broken. Usually the retaining clips cannot be purchased separately, and you must purchase the entire handle assembly. Follow the simple instructions that come with the handle assembly to install it.

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