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How To Ev Train Your Pokemon

EV training is a game mechanic present in all Pokemon games except for the spin off games (Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Pinball, etc.). EVs stand for ''effort values'', which can boost a Pokemon's stat by up to 63 points. This, along with a good nature and IV breeding can let you create a veritable monster.

Each Pokemon that you battle will give you a predetermined amount of EVs unique to the Pokemon species that you just defeated. Each Pokemon can only gain a maximum of 255 EVs per stat, and a total of 510 overall. Every four EVs that a Pokemon gains equates to one point in that stat.

There are many ways to spread out the EVs, but the most common one is 252 on one stat, 252 on another, and six on the last. Which means that there will be 63 on two stats and one stat to the other.

And finally, how to EV train.

Select the Pokemon that you would like to EV train. The best Pokemon to EV train are the ones that are freshly caught or hatched as they have no EVs on them as of yet.
Select the EVs that you would like to train in. The best stats to train are the ones that the Pokemon has high growths in. For example, you would want to train a Rampardos in the attack stat.
Find out which Pokemon give you the desired stat. You can find many ''hotspots'' for EV training on the internet.
Defeat enough of the Pokemon so that you have enough EVs. This process can be greatly speeded with the help of the ''Macho Brace'' and ''Pokerus'', both of which double EV gain.

Here is an example of how to EV train.

Say that you have a Mewtwo that you just caught and you want to EV train in speed. One of the best ways to EV train in speed is to fish for Magikarp. Normally you would have to fight 252 of them to get your EVs, but you have both the macho brace and Pokerus (hopefully) so now you only have to fight 63 to get your EVs.

EVs are a useful, yet slightly complicated way of strengthening your Pokemon. If you EV train correctly, IV breed your Pokemon to perfection, and have a good nature, you will be able to defeat any untrained pokemon of equal or higher level.

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