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TeleSeminar Secret Tip - Virtualizing Your Physical Enterprise For More Online Profits

Taking your physical enterprise and turning it into a virtual enterprise can dramatically increase your overall profits.
If you want to accelerate your professional productivity (maximum results in minimum time), then you must discover the secret to "virtualizing your physical enterprise.
" The best way to "virtualize" is simply to "leverage" human activities and replace them with "robotic" or "automated" activities.
There is so much on the internet that you can leverage, automate, and systemitize.
Leveragehere is defined as maximum productivity with minimum effort.
A great example of how one best-selling author replaced "human" effort with leveraged automation is Jack Canfield with The Success Principles.
Jack and Mark Victor Hansen have sold over 100 million Chicken Soup books over the years utilizing the "human" effort of physical promotion and book tours.
Yet, one "Virtual Book Tour" can sell more than 20 bookstore visits In this particular case, "virtualization" is the process of transforming redundant "human" multi-effort activities into single effort "virtual" results such as replacing many "physical" book tours with one Virtual Book Tour.
Even best selling authors like Jack and Mark are limited by the number stores they can get to in any given day.
With a virtual book tour, an author is interviewed on a teleseminar about their book.
Remember, you don't get rich writing books, you get rich explaining books.
Explaining and talking about your book is what you do on a teleseminar known as a virtual book tour.
We must remember that "www" stands for the "World Wide Web" and you can extend your reach to the entire world by virtualizing your physical enterprise.
But only if you want to sell more books in less time, with less overall human effort.

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