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12 Cancer-causing "Elements" in our Home?How to Fight Them

Fight smart! Look out for natural, safe, easy ways to reduce or solve the 12 cancer-causing 'elements' I posted a few days ago.
Here are some suggested ways to counteract those 12 cancer-causing 'elements'!They should be referred as corresponding to its numbering of the previous article.
[1] Bring into the new home plentiful of green non-toxic plants to be placed outside your home and some at your verandah, [only one or two inside your rooms].
Keep your rooms airy and open.
Fresh air comes from the plants during the day.
When night falls, use quality air purifiers that really works inside your home.
A good air purifier will remove odour, airborne harmful contaminants and pollutants from the air at the same time keep the room clean with fresh air.
Good air purifiers will effectively removes pollen, dust, tobacco smoke, airborne bacteria and viruses, mold, fungi, dust mites, radon decay products, asbestos and dioxins..
[2] Electrical appliances should be kept at a safe distance When using a computer, place two pots of green plants at each side so as to reduce radiation.
These living plants will be the 'scrapgoat'.
It will minimize our problem, but it is still best to stay in a safe distance from allelectrical appliances especially when it is on.
Beware of our main switch when the household electric comes into our house.
Work or stay far from the main switch or just any electrical switches.
Be smart to arrange your working table away from them.
It pays in the long run.
Try not to work in the evening.
Evenings are time for us to rest and rejuvenate and be revitalized.
A normal healthy person should go to bed before eleven for best total body rest.
[3] Use water purifiers When bathing, throw in some natural flowers or natural green leaves to minimize and neutralizing of the unseen contaminants in the water.
It works.
Or have a pre-treat filter installed outside our home to filter dirt, chlorine and bigger contaminants.
But for drinking and cooking, one should use a reputed, safe, branded filter that emphasizes on filtering the contaminants and leaving behind valuable minerals.
We call that water treatment systems.
[4] Use biodegradable shampoos, detergents and safe toothpaste that are proven to be safe.
Use biodegradable and safe products that will not pollute our environment.
Fresh, clean water and air now is getting scarcer now.
The importance of using biodegradable products that have quality control should be emphasized.
Safe products means safe to hands, safe in the sense that they are made from plant origins instead of petroleum distillates or other chemicals.
Though we need to pay more for those biodegradable products, it will be comparatively 'cheaper' in the sense of toxicity and poisoning or cancer-causing problems .
If we don't heed them, one day we will pay dearly for this ignorance.
[5] Use traps, boiling water to rid off those insects Keeping our home clean and hygiene really means to clean it thoroughly.
A clean house is detestable to flies and other insects.
It is the filth and dirtiness that attract more unwanted pests into our home.
One can also use traps, boiling water to rid off those crawling insects.
Mosquitoes nets can be a built-in for homes in humid and equatorial areas.
[6] Use good vacuum and quality air purifiers, it helps! Poor ventilation in enclosed bedrooms should be regularly aired and to let sunlight into Use of good vacuum and quality air purifiers is a must to keep our rooms clean and green.
[7] Use stainless steels pots Avoid using aluminium pots, non-stick pots that cannot withstand scratches and abrasive cleansing.
Buy pots made of stainless steel.
Or utensils made from iron can do too, but there is a need to keep it clean and non-rusty.
[8] Use safe food containers Proper and safe food storage would stand in advantage where health and hygiene is concerned.
Get acquainted with proper food storage.
[9] Don't stock up canned foods, just don't buy in excess, use low heat cooking Most foods are perishable within days of harvest, cooking or storing.
One must be advised as not to eat moldy nor burnt foods.
Especially those foods that contain fats cannot be kept long.
[10] Wear silk or cotton light clothing Fabrics made from plant fibers and origins are safer than synthetic fibers.
Be careful with its dying processes too.
Dark colored materials for internal wear should be out.
[11] Take food supplements instead of medicines Go for preventive measures, nutritional cures, natural food cures, reflexology, massage or detox programmes which are much safer and effective.
Understand the meaning of total health and happiness achievable through the 4 dimensions of health.
[12] Make sure you use 'proven-to-be-safe' products, for our skin, eyes and overall health.
There might be cancer-causing agents hidden in some skin care or cosmetics.
Buy only from reputed sources.
Since all of us fear the overloading of contaminants in our body, special care should be taken to prevent instead of waiting for it to happen.
Prevention is much better than cure.
Don't overload our body system with toxemia and acidosis that cause all kinds of cancer!

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