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Diesel vs. Gas Cost


    • The price of crude oil heavily affects fuel costs, reports the EIA. Also included in the price are federal, state and local taxes. Combined, taxes on diesel fuel average at almost 50 cents a gallon. The price difference among regular, mid-range and premium gasoline is about 10 cents a gallon.

    Factors Affecting Prices

    • According to the EIA, diesel fuel prices can fluctuate due to refinery problems, seasonality (like more demand for heating oil in colder months) and the distance you are from refineries in the Gulf Coast, which leads to higher transportation costs. Varied gasoline formulations required in different parts of the country can also affect the cost of gasoline.


    • Diesel fuel prices are higher in the western part of the United States, especially in California and Washington state due to the high tax on diesel fuel and special requirements for lower sulfur content, according to the EIA. Distribution and marketing costs also affect the price at the pump.

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