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Valentines Day Ends The National Breakup Season...Save Your Relaltionship Now!

It's the middle of January and if you have recently suffered a breakup with your lover you are not alone. If you are in a relationship that is in danger of suffering a breakup then it is time to be very careful. January is right in the middle of the National Break-up Season. This time frame runs from the Christmas holidays until Valentines Day and is when people are more than the opportunity to be involved with a relationship breakup than other parts of the year.

Reasons for these emotional fiascos are easily defined. There is the stress of the holidays, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, when couples find themselves overwhelmed with the demands of family, friends and work. As their time together is increasingly cluttered they lose opportunities to communicate with each other or to relax together with no outside interference. Tempers easily flare and with their emotional guards down things are said that become extremely hurtful. When disagreements are triggered one or the other makes the wrong move and the relationship is ended, at least for the time being.

This would be the time to decide if this is the "love of your life" or just a "flash in the pan" love tryst you could easily do without. Pick the love of your life and there is no time to lose in setting things right. Action taken early after recognizing the problems will probably be the most effective. Maybe we could find a suggestion or two:

(1). Apologize: The dictionary simply defines this as: "to express regret for a fault". When you see a trend in your actions and do not want to be misunderstood then get it out in the open before something festers! The trick to an apology is that it must be sincere. Start throwing apologies around for every action you take and they will become meaningless. If there is a true fault that needs to be corrected then just get on about it. Apologize and then guard yourself from allowing the situation to be repetitive.

(2). Forgive: Back to the dictionary here and you will find: "cease to feel resentment against a person". If your lover has the same feelings towards your relationship as you then they also probably have brought themselves to the "apology" segment of side-tracking trouble. When they apologize this is your cue to get over it and forgive any action you did not appreciate.

Certainly this is the point where you also must forgive them even if they do not offer an apology. Perhaps they were unaware of the action or the hurt it caused. Your love is worth effort from you and you should use every advantage to show love towards your significant other.

(3). Communicate: One last trek to the dictionary and you find: "to make known, to give, to have mutual access". Notice the word mutual here. That is what your relationship is to you and your loved one…a mutual agreement for love and companionship. Don't drop the ball here, while you are busy with all of the forgiving and apologizing do not forget to talk it out once in a while!

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