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Ten Tips to a Blissful Married Life

A happy marriage is the key to long and fulfilling married life.
However, sometimes couple part their ways due to some unavoidable circumstances.
But such an impulsive decision to end the vows taken for a life time has devastating effects on both adults as well as children.
Every measure should be taken to work out the problems and make the married life blissful once again.
Here are ten simple tips which can prove very useful in this context.
Give space to each other.
Don't try to smother the other person by getting too close and smear your thoughts on the person.
It's not necessary that both of you have the same likes or dislikes.
Even though you are the nearest to him or her, yet the person needs space to bring out his or her individuality.
Spending quality time together.
Try to spend quality time together with your spouse.
It doesn't necessarily demand going out on exotic trips but just a walk while going down the memories lane and remembering the good days of yore would do.
Don't bring your quarrel out to the world.
If you think that others are going to help you then you might be wrong.
More often than not, people will make fun of your quarrel rather than giving you good advice.
So go to a person only if he or she is trustworthy.
Limit your expectations.
Do not panic, if your lover is less attentive after marriage.
It is sure to happen as before marriage we get less time to spend with each other so our whole attention is towards each other.
But after marriage our attentiveness decreases as we are always together.
It does not necessarily mean that love has decreased.
Maintain a healthy physical relationship - A healthy physical relationship is essential to maintain a good relationship.
The moment of intimacy brings you closer to your spouse and also helps in release of hormones that decrease your mental tension.
Communication- Communication gaps have often been the root cause of a marital discord.
Sometimes due to ego problems people tend to stay away from their partner and wait for the other person to break the ice.
If this gap is allowed to grow then it surely would lead to break in the bond.
Let go of your ego and prevent your marriage.
Share responsibilities- Try to share responsibilities with your spouse.
If you are working and the other person is a housewife, then when you reach home, at least stand in the kitchen instead of watching tv.
Taking care of the home and children is no less hectic than your office work.
And also try to appreciate each other's contribution.
Bring some changes in your behavior - This is perhaps the toughest part but someone has to take the initiative.
Remember, if it was not for some good reason then your life partner would not have asked for it.
So start making small changes in your behavior and attitude.
Don't wait for your partner to take the lead, go ahead and see how beautifully it affects your relationship.
Respect each other- Never, never, never abuse your spouse.
Not even by mistake because your words can never be taken back.
Not any amount of apologies would do it.
Bring gifts for each other- Even if you love each other very much but do not show it, then it is little.
Love always needs to be expressed and what better way to do so then a little gift.
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