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Penis Enlargement for Men – What Are Your Options?

When it comes to penis enlargement for men, you have a variety of options to consider. There are a few magical cures which plain don't work, but at the same time there are some amazingly responsive methods which truly increase your size in either length, girth, or both because they are based on scientific fact and have shown responsive rates in the past for men.

Pills/Supplements/Patches €" First and foremost, let's address pills and other supplements of the like as a penis enlargement for men. These are supplements which claim to contain ingredients which stimulate penis growth, and while the method to these fixes work in theory (more on this later), the truth is that it's not about the ingredients and truthfully there is no such thing as an ingredient which stimulates growth locally in the penis.

These pills have become a multi billion dollar industry simply because men are desperate for a quick fix which isn't beyond their price range, and for just a few hundred dollars who would pass that up? The FTC has recently shut down a number of these companies for not backing up their claims with results, so don't waste your money.

Stretchers/Enlargers/Weights €" Penis weights and similar devices work by stretching out the penis slowly and gently over time. While the results are never significant, truthfully this is an effective and responsive method of penis enlargement for men.

The problem with this method is that it's incredibly dangerous to put weight or to stretch out the most sensitive organ on your body; and while there are a handful of specialists who work with and educate men on how to do this safely, the dangers far outweigh the benefits as you can generate permanent nerve damage or erectile dysfunction for life to name a couple.

Surgery €" Surgery as an option of penis enlargement for men has been around for man years now and works by detaching a key ligament which connects the penis inside of the body so that more of it can safely protrude outwards. This is a very costly method and only targets length increases and typically just for an extra inch or so; consequently it's not an especially satisfying method these days.

Exercises €" I mentioned when talking about pills and other supplements that these worked in theory. The theory behind them is that they enable the tissues of the penis to hold greater capacities of blood both during erection and when the penis is flaccid than it could before.

While a pill can't create this effect, there are specific exercises which work to force more blood to these chambers of the penis so that the cells within the tissue of the penis are able to reform so that they are able to hold more blood. These exercises, when performed effectively, can significantly increase both your length and girth over the course of a few months until the tissues of your penis have realized their full potential.

There are even a number of guides which detail exactly how this method of natural penis enlargement for men works so that you can do them safely by learning them from actual professionals in the medical community.

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