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How To Build A Tutor Saliba Playhouse

With school starting, now is the perfect time to build a tutor saliba [http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/tutor-saliba-playhouses-gaining-popularity-across-america] playhouse. These special playhouses have a secret study nook that children can't wait to use. Before you build one of these special playhouses, take some time to choose a building plan, gather the materials, and decide which special touches you'll add to make the playhouse uniquely yours.

Choose A Tutor Saliba Building Plan

There are many different building plans since tutor saliba [http://www.i-newswire.com/pr314774.html] playhouses can be as individual as the children using them. They can have large porches, separate rooms for play kitchens, and bedrooms, as well as a fully functional second story in the more deluxe models. And don't forget about the study nook! The study nook is how these special playhouses get their name so it's one of the most important parts of any building plan. The study nook can be tiny, just big enough for one desk, or can be large enough for an entire study group. The plan you choose can depend on the space you have available for the playhouse and how many children you expect will be in it at one time.

Gather The Required Materials

Your tutor saliba playhouse can be built from a variety of materials. One of the most economical is plywood. This will be durable enough to last many years, but will be easy to move in case you need to move it to a new location. Another building material is cedar. Building a playhouse out of cedar will be much more expensive, but the end result is a sturdier playhouse.

No matter what type of materials you use, you will want to frame the house using sturdy wood 2x4s. This will make the playhouse floor level. After you have the floor framed, apply roofing cement and then screw or bolt a large sheet of plywood to the floor. You can then put a nicer floor directly on top.

You'll also need some sort of roofing materials for your playhouse. Many people choose to use the same type of roofing shingles used on residential houses. The end result is a sturdy playhouse that's guaranteed not to leak, even with the heaviest rainfall.

Choose Optional Add-Ons

Part of the fun of the tutor saliba playhouse is choosing all the little extras that make your house unique. These can include glass front doors, real paned windows instead of simply using cut outs, window flower boxes, curtains, area rugs, and anything else you might imagine. The sky's the limit and you can choose to make the house as simple or as intricate as you'd like.

Some people even choose to put electricity into their tutor saliba playhouse, complete with electrical outlets in every room. If outfitting your playhouse with electricity seems a little ambitious, you can always run an extension cord into the house if your child needs to use a laptop or other electronic device in their study nook.

There are no real rules when it comes to building a tutor saliba playhouse. Once you decide on a building plan, what to build your playhouse out of, and any extras you want to include, you'll be ready to build a playhouse your kids can't wait to play in.

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