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How to Install an Exterior Door Handle

    • 1). Open the door slightly and check the interior side of your door handle for screws.

    • 2). Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the slot at the side of the door handle. Turn the screwdriver slightly to pry the door handle loose. Remove the door handle as soon as it is loose enough to move.

    • 3). Remove the screws on the handle, using the screwdriver. Remove the handles on both sides of the door.

    • 4). Remove the screws from your strike plate, using the screwdriver. This is on the side of your door. Set aside the screws for later use.

    • 5). Measure the distance from the edge of your door to its holes, using a tape measure. This will serve as your "back set" so that your exterior handle will work perfectly.

    • 6). Screw in the new latch, using the screws removed in Step 4. Start screwing it by hand, then use your screwdriver to tighten.

    • 7). Set your exterior door handle in place. Start screwing it by hand, then use your screwdriver again.

    • 8). Test the lock and the door handle.

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