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Boldly ClassicThe Nokia Classic 2330 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 2330 is an entry-level phone. It is a Nokia Classic no doubt and provides all the basic features that you would expect from a classic mobile phone. Features like GPRS, Bluetooth, sufficient phonebook, MMS and many more are found on the Nokia mobile phone. Many a Nokia 2330 review has mentioned that the phone, though a classic, has plenty of surprise features and a wonderful design.

The Nokia Classic 2330 provides a wonderful design and a comfortable usability. To begin with, the phone has a very simple interface with the 1.8 inch TFT supporting 65K colors. The phone has a stylish design on the keys and with the flat keypad it becomes quite comfortable to type and navigate on the mobile phone. The Nokia 2330 also has a compact and light-weight body.

A surprise feature on the Nokia 2330 is the camera. You can record videos and capture images and share them via Bluetooth or email or the MMS feature on the mobile phone. The video recording at 6fps, though not of high quality, is acceptably good for an entry-level phone. This Nokia mobile phone also comes with a simple media player capable of playing MP3 files. The stereo FM radio presents another surprise with the broadcast recording feature that lets you record directly from the radio.

In terms of connectivity, the Nokia 2330 comes with GPRS and Bluetooth. GPRS, along with the simple built-in mobile browser, lets you connect to various websites easily without any hassles. The Bluetooth facility lets the mobile connect to other devices to transfer or share files and documents. Other applications on this simple phone are the Organizer, Voice Memo and games. In its simplicity, the phone stores up to 1000 entries on the phonebook with plenty of call history. The battery can support the phone for up to 4 hours on talk-time or about 530 hours on standby.

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