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How to Pray the Rosary Without Distractions

    • 1). Find a quiet place. While this is not always a possibility, if you are able to go to a church or house of worship, you will put yourself in an atmosphere that is conducive to spirituality. If you can't make it to a place of worship, find a quiet place that is comfortable and free from distractions.

    • 2). Get yourself into the right frame of mind before beginning the rosary. Before you even begin the prayer, make sure that you bring yourself into the presence of God. To do this relax and know that God is watching you.

    • 3). Feel God's presence. Take a few moments to connect with God before you begin the prayer. Feel his presence and ask for his guidance during you rosary prayer.

    • 4). Begin your rosary with a clear mind. Make sure that you are completely relaxed before you begin your rosary and that you have no loose ends that need tied up. If you begin your prayer with unfinished items, you will easily get distracted with everything that needs done. Set yourself up for success.

    • 5). Use your imagination. To help you keep on track and free of distractions, imagine your guardian angel sitting on your right hand. Think that the angel is using your prayers to make a crown of roses for Jesus. Think of the devil sitting on your left hand. He will be ready to jump into your life with every prayer that is not said with attention.

    • 6). Offer each decade to honor Jesus and Mary. If you offer each part of the rosary to Jesus or Mary you will pay more attention to what you are saying and respect the gift that you are giving.

    • 7). Breathe. If distractions do set in, don't beat yourself up. Just notice the distraction and take a deep breathe. Take a break from the prayer and acknowledge the distraction. Maybe there is something that needs to be addressed that you can find guidance through the rosary. Look for that guidance.

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