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How to Apply for Australian Immigration

    • 1). Find your career skill on the Skilled Occupation List and Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List. Choose only one skill, even if you have more than one.

    • 2). Find the assessing body that oversees your career skills by entering your occupation in the search box at Send work references, transcripts, diplomas, and other necessary documents to this authority, as it must approve you before you apply for a work visa.

    • 3). Apply for a work visa. Visit to find the visa that suits your situation. Download the application or complete it online. Sign the Australian Values Statement, if it is included in the application, and attach necessary documents before submitting.

    • 4). When prompted, undergo a criminal history record check. You may also need to provide police certificates from every place you have lived for at least a year over the past 10 years, since age 16.

    • 5). When prompted, complete a health examination with a panel doctor approved by the Australian government. Visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website to find an approved medical professional.

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