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Winners and Losers: Who gets voted off?

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Cheryl is the first one out, followed by Lilly, Laura, Jay after an argument with Jeff over the rules, then Mike. Bo is the winner, and for the prize will get to spend the night in Camp Chapera with his father. Jeff tells Tom he can choose one other tribemate and family to join them. Tom chooses Rob and his brother Mike. They head back to camp to find pizzas and beer waiting for them. They toast to ?good friends and families,? but Tom says he would rather have his wife or his neighbor there when the three younger men sit on the swing and sing.

Rob says they partied all night long, just what he needed to face the next eight days.

Along with the partying, Tom and Bo, and Rob and Mike, separately plot and strategize. Rob tells Mike how he ?snaked? Lex, and guarantees that Amber won?t switch alliances on him.

In the morning, the four join the remaining tribe members. Tom and Bo immediately join in the chores, helping bring in wood for the fire, while Rob and Mike laze with Amber. Rupe reluctantly takes Bo spear fishing, wanting to protect the spears, and when Bo loses the spear tip, Rupe consoles himself that he has one left and it is officially his.

Bo and Mike leave. Mike says of Rob that he will be involved in ?sneaky activity? until the end, and Bo says that Tom will fight to the end.

Day 31 brings Tree Mail and mention of buckets and fire. Shii-Ann knows she?s a target and may be the next to go without Immunity.

The Immunity Challenge involves buckets: one to build a fire in and another to hold water. The first to build a fire, pour water into the second bucket which will be lifted by fire to light a fuse, then a fire, on top of a tower wins Immunity.

Jeff cautions them to watch their fires as they fill their buckets with water

Rupe is the first to build fire, followed by Tom and Rob, but one by one their fires go out, and they can?t relight them. Jenna and Amber are out of the game next, leaving Big Tom and Shii-Ann in the game. While Shii-Ann works on getting a steady fire going, Tom manages to get his bucket filled and the pole top ablaze. He wins Immunity. Shii-Ann congratulates him with a hug and Tom, after Jeff tells them to return to camp and think about Tribal Council that night, does a victory dance. He?s won both Challenges and is feeling very, very good.

Shii-Ann talks to all the tribemates, hoping one of the alliances will use her as a swing vote. Tom wants to vote off Jenna. Rupe says he doesn?t care who gets voted off as long as it isn?t him. She talks to Rob, saying she wants to break up the alliance between Jenna and Rupe, then talks with Amber. Jenna is annoyed with Shii-Ann.

At the Tribal Council, Jeff talks about roles. He asks Jenna who works. She says Rupe and Tom, and Rob tries to catch fish. Rob says he?s not as productive at fishing, but he does try. Jeff asks Amber who she thinks is trustworthy, and she responds the tribe is paranoid. Rupe agrees, saying that alliances are falling apart. Shii-Ann makes the longest speech, talking about the paranoia about food, and railing against Jenna as the food monitor who says who can eat what and when, then praises Rupe for fishing and says he deserves all the fish. When asked who she will vote for, she says either the most annoying or the best player.

After Tom says he will keep Immunity, the vote proceeds. Shii-Ann votes for Amber, but the rest of the votes go against her, and she is the thirteenth castaway voted off.

She leaves, wishing everyone luck, and Jeff notes that she has stirred things up and the next few days will see what impact she?s had. Privately, she cautions the remaining five castaways not to forget Amber, saying "Don't forget little Amber with her big green eyes and her beautiful smile. Don't forget, she's playing for a million dollars."

Don?t miss next week, when:
  • Rupert and Jenna are shocked to realize Rob is standing right behind them during a private strategy session.
  • One All-Star fuels a fiery fight between two tribemates.
  • As Tribal Council looms, the five remaining All-Stars feel targets on their backs. Who will be voted off, and who will make it to the Final Four? Do you think Amber is a real threat? Who will make it to the Final Four? Express your opinion in the Episode 14 Poll.
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